The advs and disadvs of TV
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The advs and disadvs of TV

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Заняття 3.18 Радіо

1. Read and learn the following words:

means засоби traffic report повідомл. про рух на дорогах
widespread поширений stock market фондова біржа
broadcasting радіомовлення current сучасний
broadcast передача government policy політика уряду
description репортаж issue проблема
advertising реклама poverty бідність
drama радіоп’єса (тут) host, hostess ведучий, ведуча
weather forecast прогноз погоди

2. Read and translate the text:

Radio is one of the most important means of communication. The most widespread and familiar use of radio is broadcasting. Radio broadcasts feature music, news, interviews, discussions, descriptions of sport events, advertising.

Radio broadcasting once had the same entertainment role as television has today. From the 1920’s to the early 1950’s, in the Golden Age of Broadcasting, people gathered around their radios every night. They listened to dramas, light comedies, music, and other programs. This period ended with the rise of television.

There are more than 25 000 radio stations and more than 1 750 millions of radios in the world. A major reason for the widespread use of radio is its portability. It means that a radio can be carried around easily. People like to listen to it in homes, at beaches and picnics, while walking down the street or driving a car.

About 90% of all radio programs in the US provide entertainment and only 10% provide some kind of information. Music is the chief kind of radio entertainment. Usually, stations specialize in one kind of music such as rock, classical, country, etc. Such stations have disk jockeys who introduce and comment on the music.

Programs that provide information include newscasts, talk shows, and description of sport events. Newscasts may include weather forecasts, traffic reports, and stock market information. Talk shows present discussions on a current political topic such as an election or government policy or on a social issue, such as crime, pollution, poverty, racism, or sexism. Each show has a host or hostess who leads the discussion. Listeners are invited to telephone the stations to ask questions or give their opinion about the topic. Most of the games played by major league baseball, basketball and hockey teams in the US and Canada are broadcast on radio.

3. Answer the following questions:

♪ Is radio a widespread and popular kind of mass media?

♪ What is the Golden Age of Broadcasting?

♪ How many radios and radio stations are there in the world?

♪ What is the reason for the widespread use of radio?

♪ How many radio programs provide entertainment and how many programs provide information?

♪ What is the chief kind of radio entertainment?

♪ What programs provide information?

4. Which of the following statements are true and which are false? Correct the false sentences:

Radio is the most important mean of communication.
There are a lot of music, discussions and no advertising among radio broadcasts.
1920 – 1950 is a period of the Silver Age of Broadcasting.
The Silver Age of Broadcasting was ended because of television.
There are more than 25 million radio stations in the world.
About 90% of all radio programs in the US provide some kind of information.

5. Translate the sentences:

♪ Репортажі спортивних подій, новини, дискусії люди можуть слухати навіть в автомобілі завдяки радіо.

♪ Головна функція радіо – це розваги.

♪ У Золоту добу радіомовлення радіо відігравало таку ж роль, як і телебачення сьогодні.

♪ Радіоп’єси були дуже популярними у 1950-ті роки.

♪ Зазвичай радіостанції спеціалізуються на одному виді музики.

♪ Ток-шоу – це дискусія про політичну ситуацію в країні або соціальні питання.

♪ Глядачі теж приймають активну участь у ток-шоу, задаючи питання, висловлюючи свою точку зору.

♪ Більшість ігор з бейсболу, баскетболу та хокею у США та Канаді транслюються на радіо.

6. Match the words from the column A with the column B:

radio 4 3 Broadcasting
important mean of 4 3 stations
radio 4 3 programs
radio 4 3 broadcast
Golden Age of 4 3 communication

7. Translate the following word-combinations and phrases into English:

Репортаж спортивної події

Прослуховування улюбленої радіопередачі

Зростання ролі телебачення

Представляти і коментувати музику

Повідомлення про рух на дорозі

Біржова інформація

8. Answer the following questions:

1. Do you usually listen to the radio?

2. What radio stations do you listen to?

3. What kinds of programmes do you choose?

4. Where and when do you listen to the radio?

Заняття 3.19 Друковані джерела

publication public opinion post printed publish carved wooden block видання громадська думка вивішувати друкований видавати різьблена дерев’яна дошка to cover proceeding week daily issue article pamphlet висвітлити минулий тиждень щоденне видання випуск стаття брошура

1. Read and learn the following words:

2. Read and translate the text:

Newspaper is a publication that presents and comments on the news. Newspapers play an important role in shaping public opinion and informing people of current events.

The first newspapers were probably handwritten newssheets posted in public places. The earliest daily newssheet was “Acta Diurna” (“Daily events”) which started in Rome in 59 B.C. The first printed newspaper was Chinese publication called “Dibao” started in A.D. 700’s. It was printed from carved wooden blocks. The first regularly published newspaper in Europe was “Avisa Relation” or “Zeitung”, started in Germany in 1609.

Newspapers have certainly advantages over other mass media – magazines, TV and radio. Newspaper can cover more news and in much detail than TV or radio newscast can do. Magazines focus on major national and international events of the proceeding week. But newspaper focuses on local news as well and provides information and comments faster than magazine can do.

There are daily newspapers and weekly newspapers. Daily newspapers print world, national and local news. Many dailies are morning papers, others are afternoon papers. Sunday issues of the dailies are usually larger than the weekday ones. They may include special sections on such topics as entertainment, finance and travel or Sunday magazine, a guide to TV programmes, colored comics. The major dailies in the US are “Christian Science Monitor”, “New York Times”, “USA Today”, “Wall Street Journal”, and “Washington Post”.

Magazine is one of the major mass media. Magazine is a collection of articles and stories. Usually magazines also contain illustrations. The earliest magazines developed from newspapers and booksellers catalogs. Such catalogs first appeared during the 1600’s in France. In the 1700’s pamphlets published at regular intervals appeared in England and America. They were literary publications. One of the first British magazines was published from 1731 to 1914. The first American magazine was called “The Gentleman’s Magazine”, or “A Monthly View”.

Magazines provide information on a wide range of topics such as business, culture, hobbies, medicine, religion, science, and sports. Some magazines entertain their readers with fiction, poetry, photography or articles about TV, or movie stars.

3. Answer the questions:

 What is newspaper?

 What function in social life do newspapers have?

 When was the first printed newspaper printed?

 What country was the first regularly published European newspaper start in?

 What is the difference between Sunday issues and daily ones?

 What is magazine?

 When and where the first catalogs appear?

 What was the first American magazine?

4. Which of the following statements are true and which are false? Correct the false sentences:

 Magazine is a publication that presents and comments on the news.

 Because of newspapers people are informed of current events.

 Newspapers developed from handwritten newssheets.

 “Dibao” is the first European publication started in 700’s A.D.

 “Zeitung” started in Germany in 1606.

 Usually newspapers also contain illustrations.

 “A Monthly View” is the first collection of articles and stories in the USA.

 Magazines may include poetry, illustrations, and photos.

5. Translate the sentences into English:

Газети інформують людей про останні події.

«Події дня» - перша щоденна листівка, яка видавалася у 59 ст. до нашої ери.

Китайське друковане видання стало першою друкованою газетою.

Одна із переваг газет над іншими ЗМІ – зосередження на подіях у багатьох деталях.

Журнали пропонують огляд міжнародних та державних подій.

Друковані видання пропонують широке коло інформації про бізнес, культуру, науку, спорт й ін.

6. Match the newspaper section to its content:

home news foreign news business news sports news features weather forecast reviews news about other countries economy longer articles about special subjects climate conditions for today critics and give their opinion about new films, plays, etc football, cricket, rugby, etc news about Britain

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